I’m a gamer and a girl. I review video games.

I’ve been gaming since the 90s and have a penchant for finance and social equity. I also have a degree in creative writing, so let’s make this fun?

Check out the mission of the blog here and tell me what games to play here. 🙂

Latest from the Blog

Persona 5 – Time Value

If you need a recap of what the heck Time Value is please click here, or for those who want to get a move on: Time worthiness (Max: 50 points) $/hour (Max: 20 points) Replay Value (Max: 40 points) Price Trends (Max: 15 points) Time Worthiness Okay, guys. I won’t lie. This game is long.Continue reading “Persona 5 – Time Value”

Persona 5 – Truly Royal

Disclaimer: I am absolutely, positively in deep, deep love with this game. What I thought to be an untouchable devotion to Final Fantasy ended when I found this weeby-looking game upstairs in a plastic box of my brother’s old stuff. I was hesitant to play it because I’m not so into anime but heard goodContinue reading “Persona 5 – Truly Royal”

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