Creating a Tier List

My top tier fighter in Smash is Pikachu, and I have no shame about it.

The mechanics of a Tier List are usually subjective and overrun with bias. That…wouldn’t be helpful for a review blog, and where my bias shows (because I undoubtedly have some), I want to be called out. So, why discuss tier lists at all? I think it’s a common language we can all appreciate and it can act as a holistic grading system that can summarize all the various attributes I’m judging games against. Cool? Cool.















Limitations to the Tiers

Okay, so, why the asterisk? I think my natural inclination is to put more games than I would like into the S tier. You know that expression “kill your darlings”? It’s HARD, especially when you’re the type of gamer that saves all your units in Fire Emblem. Or AoE. I don’t suggest playing against me unless you’re prepared for a slog.

But there needs to be a limitation otherwise the tier list is irrelevant. And as I think about the proper number, I have to think back to my maining-Smash loyalty.

Pikachu and his blue party hat.

That’s it. Ever since I learned how to spam thunder on a snow day in elementary school, he’s been it. So, in that same mindset…

There will be a “main” game to be categorized as S+.

It kills me to think about. How the hell will I even do this? But there can only be one king, or rather, only one yellow-electric-mouse on top. All hail.

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