Persona 5 – Time Value

If you need a recap of what the heck Time Value is please click here, or for those who want to get a move on:

  • Time worthiness (Max: 50 points)
  • $/hour (Max: 20 points)
  • Replay Value (Max: 40 points)
  • Price Trends (Max: 15 points)

Time Worthiness

Okay, guys. I won’t lie. This game is long. This game, at the time of my first playthrough, was the longest initial run of any game I have ever had. Total game time only topped by the unbearable need to 100% FFX-2 and missing the stupid healing moogle requirement because really? Healing mascot moogle? But that’s another franchise.

And because I absolutely adore this game and because things like stopping a man from hurting cats or getting knock-off Yoshinoya with a has-been politician leads to some of the best modern social commentary in gaming, Persona 5 is simply can’t miss.

On another note, Yoshinoya is delicious.

I mean it. 100+ hours of reading and mythological Pokémon is one of the best gaming experiences that you need to fully enjoy.

And let me tell you why, and no, it’s not because Atlus is paying me. I can only dream.

My determination for Time Worthiness simply breaks down to: should you play everything. And because Mementos (the dungeon where you and your party does a large part of JRPG battling), unlike other games in the series, is actually enjoyable. I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to use it as a break from the day-to-day social simulator.

And the social simulation elements, though sometimes ridiculous, are also important to both overall lore and gaming mechanics. Paired with Royal’s third semester, there’s no reason not to take your time and explore every single aspect of this game.

Okay, fangirl time over. There are a few things that do drag on, and I don’t just mean the Okumura arc.

Like this. Yeah, this could be skipped.

Though not as terrible as catching the Shichri Beach Guardian in Persona 4, fishing is, and always will be, mostly boring, and I’m ever so curious why it continues to be a typical part of every modern JRPG. There are other tedious “achievements” like working out numerous times in Protein Lovers gym or passing out in the sauna, but if you’re an avid Persona fan, Royal gives you the opportunity to work through them all with no real time crunch. Or if anything, this game will teach you time management.

Time Worthiness score: 40/50


Okay, let’s remove the bias completely and do some math:

Initial market price = $59.99 USD

# of Hours Played = 110 hours*

[(59.99/110)/(59.99)] * 100 = 0.91


$/Hour score: 20/20

*110 hours is an estimated playthrough including main quests, side quests, etc.

Replay Value

Yes, but please, please, please take a break. Is that enough? No? Okay.

I’ll ignore the ridiculous DLC that is fighting Persona protagonists of yore because those battles, though having frustratingly beautiful models, are easy and boring. The game itself is free and it is LONG and it is impossible to see everything on the first playthrough even if you time manage yourself into oblivion. The Western release of Royal offers enough fanservice via free costumes and related music tracks, though Wiping Them All Out is absent and I’m still bitter. Also, if your favorite character is new girl Kasumi then, well, be ready to pay up.

Still would have preferred tiny wings and a dagger in the mouth but this works.

So, in short, yes this game is worth replaying, and I’d argue that for the majority, it’s definitely worth playing twice with no additional cost. Massive fans (which I am, fine you caught me) will find a reason to buy additional content or play over and over just to relive the story, but given that none of the DLC is vital and you can see everything in two runs, I feel comfortable with the following score:

Replay Value score: 28/40

Price Trends

Back to my good friend math!

Persona 5 Royal was released in March 2020 out here in the West, and though, yeah it hasn’t been 12 months, I say it’s close enough.

Price at release: $59.99

Price Feb 2021 (11 months post release): $39.95 (nice advertisement for Amazon right here).

Percent change: -33.34%

The PlayStation store is still selling this game for full price, and I cannot tell you why but I can tell you not to pay that much. Also, I’m a sucker and bought the Phantom Thieves edition. No regrets.

Price Trends score: 15/15

Time Value Score: 103/125

Alright boring stuff is over. Let’s dig into what goes into that 110 hours of content in the next post.

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