Persona 5 – Truly Royal

Disclaimer: I am absolutely, positively in deep, deep love with this game. What I thought to be an untouchable devotion to Final Fantasy ended when I found this weeby-looking game upstairs in a plastic box of my brother’s old stuff. I was hesitant to play it because I’m not so into anime but heard good things and so…so yeah. Life will change.

Oh god. That’s a terrible pun. Sorry. Let’s keep moving.

But, I mean, look at this. I can look at this for hours.

I’ll gush about this game until the world ends. As alluded to the above, this was my gateway to Atlus and some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. It also reignited my passion for the JRPG genre, and with the upcoming western release of P5S, it seems appropriate I should start my reviews with this. I’ve completed and platinumed both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, but this will just look at Royal because in theory it’s the definitive edition. We can argue this more if I ever review Persona 3.

And to not just create just a giant page for you to scroll down on, my review will be divided into three parts, with a fourth and final part being a preliminary aggregate score (preliminary until I get an audience score). I’ll first discuss the most boring, but practical, section: Time Value.

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